I’m Cléo sulem, I’m from France, I’ve been doing graphic design for 5 years and I’m currently doing a Master’s in visual design at Elisava, Barcelona.

With a bold and colorful graphic style, and creativity overflowing with concepts, my projects are mainly punctuated by vibrant colors, a sharp eye, and a nice dose of dynamism!

I particularly like playing with typography, quirky layouts, and crazy concepts. I like to do THINGS BIG, go further, and think outside the box.

I like it when it vibrates, when it stands out, when it catches the eye, when it gives you chills, and WHEN IT MAKES YOU LOOOOOVE!

This is why I love doing this job.
And you? What do you love?

Nb: also I watched all of The Office’s episodes.

It’s cool, right?

 So, let’s start playing together